Skala Eressos

About half an hour from Sigri, is Skala Eresos, the most organized tourist resort with a famous two kilometer long beach, clear blue waters and sand. Quaint cafes, restaurants trimmed with local delicacies and elegant rule-based bars on wooden platforms in a short distance from the crystal waters of the sea promise peace and moments of intense fun. Also visit the Tsichlionta River Beach. Eresos is the home town of the Tenth Muse, Sappho, the great representative of lyric poetry (7th century).


You get to the castle if you walk on the very nice paved lanes. Entry into the Kastro is only 2€ per person. On the way to the castle you can do some shopping or drink a coffee in one of the coffee bars. Molivos has got very nice shops which sell souveniers and typical Greek food. The castro is very old and comes from Byzantine time and was already developed in the 14th century. On the top of the hill you have a fantastic view above the roofs of Molivos and on the Aegean sea till Turkey. If you fancy doing some shopping or if you are interested in history, this will be the perfect place for you. 


Versteinerte Museum in Sigri

The museum of natural history of the fossilized wood was founded in 1994..

The museum has his seat in the center of Sigri The museum is very modern and 1600qm. It ist he first museum for natural history which the Greek state founded. Moreover, there is also a small coffee shop which sells next to coffees and drinks also traditional food from the region, like wine from the area, jam, and handmade jewellery!

It is definitely worth visiting it is very interesting.


In the west of Lesvos is the small fishing village Gavathas, which is not very touristic but worth visiting. Gavathas has got a very attractive habour which got popular with the very beautiful small chapel called "Panagia Gorgona"(mermaid).


Directly on the street to Gavathas there is a turning to Liota. This delicous and very typical Greek restaurant is about 30 minutes away from Sigri. There you sit under a huge tree and can it traditional Greek food, like lamb chops, cheese rolls, the best tsaziki, feta saganaki, Greek sausages, Greek salat etc. And to top it all the restaurant is not only very delicious it is also very cheap. And the atmosphere is just unique.


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