SIGRI and the spot...

The centre is situated at the north end of Sigri bay. The wind blows cross-offshore and therefore the water in front of the centre is perfectly flat! This make the spot great for learning any manoeuvres – from first jibes to big freestyle moves! Across the bay from the centre is the island Nissiopi which offers protection from the Agean Sea. Therefore, if there are any problems on the water, there is no risk of drifting!




Sigri and the channel

For those into wave sailing there is also the option of sailing up into the channel between Nissiopi and Sigri where if the wind has been blowing strong enough you can find some waves!





Fancy doing some Freestyle

Our freestylecorner is the perfect place to practise new moves! The wind gets stronger there and along with the perfect flatwater, this place is ideal for every freestyler.





Once or twice a week we offer Safaris to the bay around the corner, which ist exclusively reserved for our Guests. The untouched nature in combination with waves rolling in is casting a magical spell over every surfers heart.
Last but not least we also offer a range of five different sailing spots within 5km of Sigri!





In the north east of the Agean Sea the Meltemi wind blows most days in the summer months. The wind comes down from the Black Sea and is accelerated by a thermal effect and the mountains around Sigri. Sigri is directly situated in the wind zone and both winds (North and South) blow through the village – this is why Sigri has such good wind statistics!



Statistics about Sigri 

Our spot works well in every wind direction. The main direction is North in summer and South in winter. The statistics on the right is from Findfinder, it shows how many days we have wind here in sigri.Windstrongnes is not the same like we have here in the bay, because the wind comes trough the two islands and gets stronger than on the open sea.(the messure boy is outside of the bay)The best forecasts for Sigri are: and and