Lesvos is the third largest Greek island and there’s lots to see! In the southeast of the island is Mytilini. Or if you pass by Plomari, you have to try the best Ouzo of Lesvos. Most tourists visit Petra or Molivos in the north of the island as this is the place to stay if you like sightseeing and there is a wide range of hotels and restaurants. Skala Eressos is a lovely little tourist town in the west which is also well worth visiting, with lots of nice restaurants right on the seafront.
Last but definitely not least is Sigri on the very west of the island; a small and relaxed fishing village, which offers everything you need -nice hotels, good restaurants with fresh fish and great clean beaches yet not over run with tourists! Sigri is, at the very least, worth a visit for lunch and a swim! Just outside Sigri is the Museum of Natural History which features many of the trees which can be found in the surrounding petrified forest.sp]


Sigri is on the west end of the island. Sigri is a very small and typical Greek village. There the men sit in the bars and drink coffee, the fishing cars drive through Sigri and sell fresh fish.

It takes you about 15 minutes to walk from the village to the windsurf centre, and 5 minutes by bike. (You can either rent bikes at the surfcenter or in some hotels.)

In the village, there is a wide range of different restaurants to choose from (about 6 different ones). All of them offer lots of delicious dishes (fresh fish,meat etc) and also authentic Greek dishes (Mousaka, shrimps saganaki, octopus in vinegar/wine etc.) Furthermore, there are a few coffee shops and snack bars which offer crepes,pizza and cocktails. In addition to that you can find a fruit shop, a bakery, two supermarkets, a jewellery shop and a kiosk in Sigri.

Important to know: Unfortunately, there is no ATM or bank in Sigri so if you need money you have to go to Eressos,which is about 30 minutes away by car or you can take the bus. Furthermore there is no petrol station in Sigri the next one is in Antissa (20 minutes by car).

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